Good form would be to refrain from warring publicly. To let the lawyers do the talking, like Paul McCartney, and take the high road.

Charlie Sheen doesn"t even know what the high road looks like. Why would he? Especially against a low road whore like Denise Richards...his ex wife?

Denise of course is currently out and about promoting that waste of sh*t reality show of hers in which she exploits her girls.

Charlie tried to block the project unsuccessfully and now she"s making the rounds on talk shows pimping herself out. Yesterday she told Matt Lauer that Charlie had doctored a series of emails alleging she asked him for his sperm to conceive a third child.

Matt and subsequently Whoopi Goldberg on The View then pressed her on why she was dragging her children out in the open. Denise was unable to directly address the question focusing instead on how she mourned her late mother.

Today Charlie is striking back, again asserting that the rumoured former Fleiss girl is a compulsive liar and revealing that she lives on almost $60k of his money every month and stands to bag a total of almost $1.5 million - more than enough money to survive without prostituting herself on television.

Amazing that it didn"t work between them, non? These two losers more than deserve each other.

Having said that, Denise"s "mother first" farce is probably even more pathetic than the GMD"s repeated attempts to convince us that he doesn"t secretly lipsych naked to Abba in his bedroom.

At the very least, when Charlie gets the kids for the weekend, the paps are rarely invited along for the ride.

Even more incredible - who in f*ck is going to be watching her show???

Photos from Wenn