Dear Gossips,

Have you noticed how often Charlie Sheen publicly accuses women of lying? He’s accused Denise Richards of lying. He’s accused Brooke Mueller of lying. He’s accused several ex-girlfriends of lying. And now he’s accusing one of his former “goddesses” Bree Olson of lying.

Bree told Howard Stern yesterday that Charlie never disclosed to her that he was HIV positive. His people are claiming he only found out about his diagnosis after they broke up. Fine. But, um, as soon as you get diagnosed, shouldn’t you be pulling out your little black book and telling everyone who’s in there about it? No, because she was a porn star so we’re supposed to believe she’s not reliable.

But HE IS? Him? Charlie Sheen?

Charlie pays people to hang out with and f-ck him. In that sense it’s like everyone in his company – and his bed – is an employee. Which means he has control. Which means he always has the power. Since he’ll always have more money and access and platform than they ever will, his voice is always the loudest. He’s the one who gets to be heard. But just because he went on TV, does it mean everything he said was true?

Yours in gossip,