Have you been to Niagara Falls? If you’ve been, you know that one of the most popular tourist attractions is the barrel photo - a picture taken of you inside a barrel perched in front of the falls made to look like you’re going down.

There’s a hilarious one of my mother in the barrel from back in the 70s. We were at the Falls with her sister and mother who’d come from Hong Kong for a visit. So there we are in this fake photo – my aunt, then my grandma, my mother, and me in front, and at the last minute, as usual, my mother started complaining about something so her mouth is wide open captured in mid-squawk while the rest of us are caught wincing, pained by the sudden attack on our eardrums.

Unfortunately we weren’t able to afford another shot so that was it. For posterity. And today, looking at Charlie Sheen’s wedding photo exclusive in OK! Magazine, it was like being at Niagara all over again.

Doesn’t this look like one of those pictures? Like they weren’t really in the garden? Like they were simply standing in front of a photo of a garden? Like you could easily to a quick switch and put the Falls behind there and it would be the same thing?

So ghetto!

Seriously. I know it’s his third time and all but still…this is about as cheap of a wedding picture as I’ve ever seen. He must be hoarding all his money away from slag Denise Richards. I would too.