Well now this just isn’t fair. Can’t stand her but also can’t help but worship her. Because when she wants to go glam (aside from the orange anomaly at the Oscars a few year ago…oh and maybe that hideous shoulder explosion), Charlize Theron goes glam perfect. Actually…let me qualify that. Charlize goes glam perfect when Charlize goes dark and edgy over the cookie cutter blonde statuesque she was rockin’ during her Monster campaign and even the season after. Charlize with some bite and no bows and no frills and no ringlets, Charlize like this, like last night the premiere of a new film she produced, Charlize like this if consistently could be one to rival Cate Blanchett. But only like this. Not the big gown girl…but the one in slim pants and a tuxedo jacket without a trace of “pretty”. And maybe when she"s not looking like a constipated snob either. Source