I’m sure I don’t have to tell you how much it destroys me to compliment those I can’t stand. And there are few I can’t stand more than Charlize Theron. Having said that, she doesn’t stumble too often on the carpet (aside from the Mortal Kombat kung fu ‘do at the SAGs) and more often than not, she knows how to work it and she works it with the best of ‘em. It was no different today at the Oscar Nominees’ Luncheon. While everyone else went conservative and tea party boring, Ms T came with glam and vavoom and no shortage of class. I love white pants on a tall woman. I also love the fact that she hasn’t injected her tits to the point of combustion. Also interesting to note – her tummy looks much flatter than it did 2 weeks ago, doesn’t it? Were those pregnancy rumours just a bad tip? Or was there something else at play???