Sundance or Swagdance? It sounds facetious but really…it’s not. In the spirit of the independent movie, swag has become the supporting cast at what was supposed to be a celebration of artistry and cinematic experimentation beyond the Hollywood gloss – an opportunistic dance between the vendors and the superstars: you scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours, my brand gets free promo, you get boatloads of free luxury goods even though you can pay for several more boatloads yourself. Funny thing is, it’s often not even the superstars. It’s the publicists, it’s the minor players, it’s no name Canadian/Chinese tv reporters there to cover a story – everyone gets offered and very few of them turn it down. But I can tell you from first hand experience, it feels dirty. It’s embarrassing. It’s icky, it’s uncomfortable, it’s my father the immigrant working three jobs seven days a week to send me to private school frowning from behind my mother’s obnoxious fur coat. Which is why our eTalk crew walked away from the boots and the leather handbags and the really really sweet belt that would have looked so good hooked onto my Arrogant Cats. And perhaps that’s why Charlize Theron wouldn’t wear her Weil watches even though she promised she would. Nah…doubt it. She probably just prefers Rolex. To be fair, the situation is actually more official than swag. It was actually a job. Because Charlize signed a deal with Weil for exclusive use in public. And now Weil is suing her for breach of contract, claiming she violated the terms likely because she was modeling a different brand. In typical celebrity fashion however, Charlize will probably counter with some lame excuse about interfering with her artistic integrity. Can’t wait to hear this one…stay tuned… TMZ