As in non stop constipation nation. On promo for Superman and Bloomy"s blossom looks like she"d rather be anywhere but here. Is it just extreme hunger? Or is she depressed? And what"s with the odd, glazed, deadness in her eyes? Maybe I"m just seeing things but as my overly dramatic mother would say - these are the kind of eyes the spirits like to hover around and possess. Lifeless, lacking enthusiasm, no glow, no shine - don"t get me wrong. She"s a gorgeous, gorgeous girl. But it takes more than that to care, doesn"t it? As for the new Man of Steel? Sorry, but hello dork heaven. Can"t believe a new generation of teenyboppers are going to pledge their virginity to this. Life is unpredictable but I guarantee you my loinage will never quiver for Brandon Routh.