My big complaint about Charlize Theron, other than the fact that she"s a crusty bitch, is that she always looks constipated. Strained smiles, nose sucked in - it"s like she can"t bear to be where she is, like she can"t wait to get back to her bong on the beach. But take a look at the difference when she brings out the teeth. Stunning, non? Stunning and even sweet and totally, totally sexy. So here"s Charlize at her own charity gala last night showing the new girls, the Lindsays and the Richies of the world, what true glamour really looks like. That dress is unbelievable, that body is unbelievable, the makeup is unbelievable. Nice to see a grown woman with a proper body for a change, don"t you think? Now if only we could get her to grow a new attitude, the world would be perfect