Charlize Theron showed up at Sundance with Stuart Townsend to promote her new project Sleepwalking which she produced. Charlize plays a woman who gives up her children to foster care. It is not a biography of Britney Spears.

Not feeling her hairstyle… you?

As you can see, Charlize is all smiles and unusually spirited…especially considering the cameras are around. Then again, Charlize can light it up with the best of them when she’s selling. And Stuart is a fine piece of ass.

Speaking of ass… Charlize started her career based on her ass. Not unlike Shelf Ass Jessica Biel and Grumpy Ass Jessica Alba. Remember Charlize’s statuesque bare body in Two Days in the Valley?

But as you know, getting ugly was Charlize’s ticket to “serious” movie stardom. And since “serious” movie stardom is what the Jessicas are after, would they consider getting ugly too?

Would they put on 30 pounds for The Role they’ve been waiting for? Would the Shelf Ass become a Table Ass in exchange for membership on the Top Tier?

It would be almost poetic, non? That to get where she wants to go, she’d have to give up her Shelf Ass…which is what got her to where she is. Problem is… if Shelf Ass grows into a Table Ass, will Pip stick around?

Oh the torture of being Jessica Biel…

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