A l’il bit, don’t you think?

Also at the GLAAD event on Saturday, looking remarkably thin in an amazing white suit, half Barbie/half Charlize Theron, and another nasty cold is making me a crusty bitch today but I think her head looks too big for her body – you?

And it’s hard, you know? It’s hard for me to rag on Katherine Heigl. Because I adore Katherine Heigl. Which is why I wince and shudder at the embarrassing dialogue she has to deliver week in and week out on Grey’s Anatomy. Which is why I hope Izzie can turn that sh-t around because she’s becoming f&cking insufferable. And Katie Heigl is too good to play insufferable.

As for the thinnification – have heard that it’s a result of personal issues rather than succumbing to the Hollywood starvation diet. Hope she bounces back soon… I do miss those curves.