Biggest headline of the day:

Charlize Theron is a mom!

Theron’s rep has confirmed that she’s adopted a baby boy called Jackson. No other details have been released. But... well done.

Not as well done as Sandra Bullock who, literally, HID A BABY for weeks DURING AWARD SEASON, but well done nonetheless. Because it’s not impossible to keep your sh-t tight in Hollywood. You just have to actually want to keep your sh-t tight.

Last week it was reported that Charlize may or may not be seeing Alexander Skarsgard on a date at a gay bar...? Her last boyfriend prior to that was about a year ago: Ryan Reynolds. That died almost as soon as it was revealed as, well, Ryan was coming out of a marriage, and Charlize, as we can see now, was making plans to be a mother. “Compatible goals are the keys to a strong relationship.”

Not that you can’t date and raise a child, but with this news, I don’t know if I believe the hook-up situation with Skarsgard anymore. Bringing a baby home and making all those adjustments, where would she possibly find the time? Not to mention the delicacy of navigating that relationship - does she want to introduce him to the baby and make him part of his life, and would he even want to be part of his life after one date at a gay bar?

I’m told Charlize has been trying to make this happen for almost two years and experienced a few heartbreaking setbacks along the way after coming close, not unlike many other families in the same situation. Finally being able to confirm this monumental news would have been her priority...probably her only one.


How will we meet Jackson?

Will she sell the first photos?

It doesn’t seem like her style. Thoughts?

Attached - Charlize hasn’t been out publicly since Oscar week. Here she is just before the Academy Awards shopping for groceries.