Charlize Theron and Bradley Cooper attended the GQ Awards in London last night. They sat next to each other. They were on stage together. They’re currently both single, he having ended it with Renee Zellweger earlier this year and she’s available again after a brief, undercover situation with Ryan Reynolds.

Could you see it?

I think I could get with it. Both have a tendency to take themselves a little too seriously - yes, even him, despite the fact that he was in The Hangover, it’s called ACTING, you know? - and Coop is the kind of guy who needs a big bitch in his life which, you know, she is.

But such a stylish one.

LOVE what she’s wearing and how she’s wearing it. Not for everyone, and shouldn’t be attempted by most, but Charlize always tries something interesting. Because she can. Which, I think, is much more attractive than how it ends up looking.

Charlize has been in London working on Snow White and the Huntsman. Coop meanwhile was shooting The Place Beyond The Pines with Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes in upstate New York where, I guess, I imagine, or maybe I’m totally making this up, he must have watched them fall for each other which was the last time I wished upon a Hollywood Couple. And it came true. Am still deciding if I want the same to be for Coop and Charlize.

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