This is what we missed yesterday during the Dress Porn. It’s actually my new obsession. Charlize Theron and Keanu Reeves? Please Shiloh let it be true. Want it to be true so hard. TMZ caught them embracing the other day. Not exactly a full on dry hump on the street, but very affectionate nonetheless.

Thing is it’s actually the kissing that kills it. See below – when they’re hugging before the car arrives, definitely I could video assumption that there’s some business going on between them. But then that goodbye kiss, it’s terrible chemistry, it’s so UN-hot, and not even un-hot in a “we’re being watched and we shouldn’t in public” kind of way but like a brother and sister, I love you always kind of way and now I can’t decide. Are they? Because I’ve been like this with my guy friends too. And remember, these people they call themselves “artists”. So they’re like totally more sensitive than civilians.

Charlize and Keanu know each other of course from Sweet November, one of the best really really sh-tty movies ever. For sheer comedy. Keanu in love is bad enough but Sad Keanu in love is SO funny, you’ll remember it later and chuckle to yourself at the most random times. I am now. Here’s the trailer. Try not to howl when Enya starts singing.