Charlize Theron and Ryan Reynolds have supposedly, according to Us Weekly been dating undercover for months. They were both spotted at LAX yesterday. First confirmation?

Well, it looks to me like he’s just arriving for a flight while she’s just landing from a flight. So, no, actually, it would be that they’re going in opposite directions. Ryan is beginning promotion now for The Change-Up. And Charlize is expected at Comic-Con this week for Snow White and the Huntsman. She plays the Evil Queen opposite Kristen Stewart and Chris Hemsworth.

Anyway, when I saw these pictures, they seemed familiar to me, and then I realised, with the Ryan Reynolds connection, there’s some Scarjo happening here a little, non?

Am also attaching shots of Scarlett Johansson in Madrid in 2009 wearing a similar hat and glasses and leggings, and... I wish I retained calculus as well as I do this uselessness.

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