Sean Penn joined Charlize Theron at the Palais in Cannes for Mad Max: Fury Road today. Is this supposed to be our substitute for Brange Cannes? Because I reject that.

I was however reminded of previous Cannes. There was a year he was there and I was covering it and on the party scene, he was always the last one to go home. Like he’d be on the beach at 4am, no problem. Oh, and remember the year of Sean Penn and Petra Nemcova? Click here for a refresher. Sean and Petra were never a red steps couple. Neither were Sean and Scarlett. Charlize, you the one.

It’s just…

These are the times when you can see how restricting the one label association can be. She had to go yellow because that was probably the most special but otherwise? This dress? It’s so totally forgettable.

Click here to see photos of the two kissing at dinner on Wednesday night. 

PS. More Cannes photos will be posted to LifeStyle. Don’t forget to check.