Charlize Theron left Cannes to attend the Life Ball in Vienna on the weekend. I was surprised to see her there. Because, you know, the Life Ball, though important and for a good cause, doesn’t normally attract such A listers. It’s typically Hollywood Ebola Hilton. Or Kanye West’s wife. Or Lindsay Lohan. Or Pamela Anderson. And you kind of go for the camp.

So I’m into the fact that Charlize was on stage. And that Sean Penn accompanied her. They’re constantly a double now. I wonder if they were too humourless for the camp.

But you see the difference in her style when she’s not obliged to wear Dior, right? The yellow dress at the Palais last week, God it still makes me angry – click here for a refresher. Charlize in Givenchy though? YES. MORE. YES YES YES.

OK but seriously, it still freaks me out that they’re kissing and there are cameras around and no one got hurt. You might be tired of me saying it but I am not tired of thinking it because I keep thinking it. Who is this man?