US Weekly reports exclusively that Charlize Theron and Sean Penn have broken off their engagement. Apparently it was Charlize who shut it down last month after the two were in Cannes for Mad Max and then Vienna for the Life Ball. They looked fine in photos from that event but afterwards, some people who were there were mumbling about them fighting.

Welllll…it’s been a year and a half. And…welllll…it’s not like either of them are easy to get along with. That was part of the mystery, wasn’t it? Sean Penn wasn’t walking around punching photographers. They were wrapping their arms around each other on red carpets and not snarling, somehow. They were talking about their relationship in interviews and not stalking out of the room. They were a happy family at the park, at the grocery story, at the airport with her son. It was weird. It was always weird.

Or maybe that’s just what it’s like being involved with a man like Sean Penn. Maybe Robin Wright is nodding, knowingly, right now. Remember, he told Esquire a couple of years ago that she was a “fraud” in their marriage. That he never felt loved. (Click here for a refresher.) She’s the mother of his children! Think about what has to twist in a mind like that and what that ego might need to feel adequately “loved”. And all that on top of what Madonna went through. Does a man like that mellow out over time?