Charlize Theron and Sean Penn. They've seen each other every day this year. Last night they went to the movies. Not sure what they saw. But God I'd love to sit behind those two, both Oscar winners (and I think in the same year too) looking up at Leonardo DiCaprio on the screen. Wouldn't you want to hear their thoughts?

Anyway, a trip to Hawaii, NYE, sleepovers at home, then a movie date -- has this changed your assessment as to whether or not it's a casual hookup or a relationship?

Wait. At some point Sean ended up going out for dinner, no sign of Charlize. Not sure that detail matters though. It matters where he ends the night. And if he's been ending the night at hers, with her son asleep in the next room, maybe it's totally bonafides. Maybe Sean Penn is her boyfriend now. That is not a word I associate with him. Ever.