Sean Penn hosted a fundraiser for Haiti on Saturday night, major stars in attendance, including Charlize Theron, his…girlfriend? Can we call her his girlfriend now? There were photographers all over the place. And she sat next to him, and they were ok with the pictures, and it was almost like they were co-hosts, partners. In philanthropy, sure. In …life?

Is that where we are now?

But look at them together. They seem…happy. And these are two prickly personalities. Very prickly personalities. Sean’s even gushing about Charlize. I read it over at Dlisted. Apparently “this strong woman” provoked him and in the end it convinced him to get rid of his guns. Oh my God they’re in love.

Laura just pointed out to me that this doesn’t surprise her. After all, Robin Wright’s rather prickly too. And there are some physical similarities happening here too. Robin and Ben Foster recently confirmed their engagement. Coincidence or conspiracy?