Someone asked me the other day if we do anything special for Valentine’s Day here at I can’t remember. Am I nicer? This year I’m spending Valentine’s Day at home in Vancouver. With Miley Cyrus and not my husband. What’s the problem?

Sean Penn will be spending Valentine’s Day with Charlize Theron, their first Valentine’s Day together as a couple. Here they are last night getting an early start, out for dinner in Beverly Hills. This is still tripping me out. And I know I’m not alone in this. Sasha texted me yesterday, before we stopped speaking to each other over Mark McMorris:

“At some point I need you to tell me what kind of sexually extravagant things Sean Penn must do to Charlize that she can open her eyes, look at him, and be okay with what’s staring back at her.”

There it is. The sickest game I’ve ever invented:

Picture Him On Top Of You.

It’s the game that measures you line. You’ve seen Charlize’s line. What’s your line?