Charlize Theron was downtown in LA yesterday and the paps are saying it was a photo shoot for ESQUIRE, likely to promote Mad Max: Fury Road. The movie opens in May. Her character is called Imperator Furiosa. She’s a shaved head warrior badass. For these photos though, she’s working a very attractive blowout, possibly helped by a few extra pieces. We haven’t played that game in a long time, and it’s one of your favourites: Hair, Real or Fake. Here, to me, you can tell especially from the side. The volume and the layers, right? Am with Jordy, Key Hair on The Social right now analysing. She thinks fake for sure.

That’s the secret to Hollywood hair. When you see it, and you ask how to get it, the first step is a great stylist, obviously, who knows what they’re doing. And s/he has to know how to use them effectively – like underneath, so that it pushes up what you have instead. Otherwise it just doesn’t hold for long.

I LOVE that tank top.