Charlize Theron was photographed at LAX yesterday. Today Sean Penn was seen at the airport in Paris. As you know, it’s over. And supposedly it ended abruptly. Like one minute they were together in Cannes and doing good and the next, according to US Weekly, she froze him out. Stopped talking his calls. Stopped calling him back.

Maybe she’s just that cold. Or maybe whatever it was that went down, she decided there could no longer be any kindness, so why bother with kindness simply to communicate the end? If there’s no kindness in a relationship, does there have to be at the end of a relationship?

Or…maybe she actually took a good look? Like, look at him. Do you think she does and wonders…what in the f-ck? That’s basically 99% of my love history. Almost everyone I’ve ever slept with is vile. And I still don’t know I couldn’t see how vile they were at the time. It’s Picture Him On Top Of You. And you can. That’s the problem.