Check out Charlize Theron in South Africa with a buzzed brown head. Did they dye it that colour? Or is that her natural colour? Charlize has been in Africa for a few months now shooting the Mad Max movie which, according to The Hollywood Reporter, is at least 5 days behind schedule and enough of a concern for the studio to send a supervisor out there and yell at people to make things right. Word is they’re still aiming to wrap production at the end of November. And Tom Hardy’s presence in London this weekend for Blag Magazine 20th anniversary party could be a good sign that that might happen. If they were that f-cked, he’d probably not be encouraged to leave the set.

Or… maybe it’s so f-cked that they sent him away to sort a few things out before calling him back to finish up…?

Or maybe everything is fiiiiine and the movie isn’t cursed after all.

Tom is… not attractive to me in these photos. But Lawless comes out on DVD next week. He can make up for it then.