God. I cannot stop. Wanting. So badly, wanting.

Charlize Theron is growing her hair out after Mad Max. It’s long enough now to push up into a faux-hawk. If only we could all look this great in a faux-hawk. This is hair porn. This is true hair porn. For those who cannot wear short hair without having it stick up like a porcupine, this is the porn of the hair. I might want  her to be like this for a long time. I might never want to see it by her shoulders again.

You know, we likely won’t be seeing Charlize at the movies for another year, at least. Mad Max is due in 2014. They’ve not announced an exact date and likely won’t until they gauge how it’s going in post so... probably earliest would be March? Can’t imagine a movie like that getting shafted into January or February, even with all the rumoured challenges that were reported during shooting.