Young Adult was honoured at the Palm Springs Film Festival. In typical Charlize Theron bitch styles, she tried to run down the red carpet and avoided most outlets...because, right, her version of campaigning is to speak to ass kissy film nerds and hang out with the proper producer-voters.  There’s George Clooney working it like the f-cking Chairman, and Charlize fronting like she’s above the game.

Oh but at least she looks good.

The pictures don’t really do her justice. This black dress on her at the gala on Saturday night was spectacular. And her legs... are ridiculous.

A lot of them lie about their height. Angelina Jolie for instance is nowhere near the 5 ft 8 she’s listed at. Charlize though, Charlize is legitimately TALL.

Also attached – Charlize at the Variety event, also in Palm Springs, the next day, wearing the hell out of that green dress with the boring shape.