Charlize Theron has been in New York the last few days. She spoke at the Clinton Global Initiative on Sunday and yesterday she was at the Social Good Summit in support of the Let Girls Learn campaign led by Barack and Michelle Obama. Today she’s expected to join Flotus at The Power of an Educated Girl panel at the Apollo Theatre. She also made a stop on The Today Show yesterday to talk about the work of the Charlize Theron Africa Outreach Project aiming to inform people, in particular women and girls, about HIV and AIDS, focusing on increasing prevention. AIDS continues to rise in younger demographics even though, as Charlize said, “it’s completely preventable”. Charlize posits that it’s complacency. She’s right:

"And the problem is, the Western World, we've come so far. We don't really see AIDS on the front page of the newspaper anymore. The problem is we become complacent and the problem is right now more young girls are dying because of that complacency."

I’ve written about this before, about how in my generation, the fear was real. Our friends were dying. Our families were dying. It was fast. It was terrifying. And now? Just 20 years later, there’s just so much unprotected sex. Millennials are having a lot of unprotected sex. Boy band millennials are having a lot of unprotected sex. Click here and click here for refreshers. What happened to the fear?

Anyway, as you can see, Charlize decided to go back to short hair. Don’t love the way she’s styling it here but that dress is yes, so much yes. Oh and on The Today Show they tried to get her to talk about her daughter. All she would say is, “I have a little girl, yes”. And when they brought it up again, all like, hey you have a 3 month old baby, is she asking where you are right now, Charlize made a baby voice and asked, “Where’s my bottle”. Not the stiffest shutdown she’s ever given but pretty much a shutdown. That works for me. Why do we need to listen to other people talk about their kids? I heard that’s what Facebook is for.