Charlize Theron almost always delivers. She's a frosty bitch but when it comes to style, she will cut most down handily, no contest. Without much effort, it's what Victoria has to work for hours to achieve.

Charlize is in NY to promote her new film The Burning Plain. She arrived at the premiere wearing blue/green and these on her feet.

These beautiful, beautiful babies…

They would refuse to go on my stumpy ass legs. They would protest. They would commit suicide before agreeing to be worn.

On Charlize Theron, hers a mile long, and slender and toned and perfect, they are white, and zippered, and right at home.

I’ve an erection for the shoes.

Charlize also appeared on Fallon last night, different outfit of course, and judging from some of your emails appeared to have a bong voice? I don’t know. I didn’t watch. As we know, she does like to enjoy a hit now and again though so an apple toke for a talk show isn’t entirely out of the question.

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