When she is her true self...

She’s awesome.

I’ll come back to this in a minute.

Oh look, another year went by and Victoria Beckham did not make the cover of US Vogue. Instead, the final issue belongs to Charlize Theron in service of her upcoming role in Jason Reitman’s Young Adult, due out in December, for which she has an outside shot at another Oscar nomination.

What a strong, strong year for lead actresses. There are 7 who could easily be considered without any objection:

Viola Davis
Glenn Close
Meryl Streep
Elizabeth Olsen
Michelle Williams
Charlize Theron
Tilda Swinton

And that doesn’t even include Keira Knightley, Kate Winslet, Kirsten Dunst, Kristen Wiig, and Jodie Foster in the equation, and they’re on the outskirts too.

As for Charlize, well, if you believe all the people who are supposed to say good things about her, and they’re all quoted in the Vogue article, she gives an astonishing bitch of a performance in Young Adult that should rank as one of her career best. Seems like Charlize is going bitch rather often these days. As Sarah noted in her post about the Snow White and the Huntsman trailer the other day, it’s Charlize’s deliciously Evil Queen that is the centrepiece of the film. She’s awesome. Because, frankly, that’s what she is. A mega, mega, mega bitch. Trust me, I’ve seen it. My colleagues have seen it. Like, it’s breathtaking what a f-cking bitch she is, even in an industry full of crazy ass goddamn bitches. And then there’s Charlize. Few can step to Charlize. Except Julia Roberts. So it’s brilliant casting then that both will play the Evil Queen next year just three months apart.

And this Vogue article?

Doesn’t offer anything terribly insightful - she was sad about the end of her relationship and tried really hard to make it work, duh - mostly because you can’t really get any insight when you’re writing with a massive erection. So, you know, she’s super cool and makes an awesome mix tape, and is really beautiful, and isn’t a Hollywood fraud.

Dude, she played Rita in Arrested Development. You couldn’t at least go there?

OK! Night night!

Also attached - Charlize is honoured by BAFTA on Saturday.