Lately, whenever Charlize Theron’s on a beach, Sean Penn’s always there with her. And they’re kissing and touching each other. And it is still a trip.

Here’s Charlize on the beach in Miami for a photo shoot with (boring) Mario Testino. She had her son Jackson with her. Presumably this is for a magazine cover. Perhaps Vogue? And probably in advance of the release of Seth MacFarlane’s A Million Ways To Die In The West, due in theatres May 30. I’ve attached the red band trailer below. Whatever attraction there was between them certainly evaporated as soon as they started working together. Some think that it wasn’t an attraction to begin with. That it was always all business. Sure. But you can be in a guy’s movie and not go out to dinner with him repeatedly and skip the other Oscar parties to go watch him play with his band, etc, etc, etc.

And, well, I guess Sean Penn is just that much sexier – in HER mind.