Me no likey her dress for the gala premiere of In The Valley of Elah at the Venice Film Festival, though I suppose if someone HAD to wear it, if the dress HAD to be worn, only Charlize could have pulled off a pageant frock without looking like a complete mess. In fact, far from.

However, I much prefer her white short lacy number (must have it!) at the photocall earlier in the day if only for this view of her legs, even more elongated by the nude heels.

Best legs in the business: Charlize or Cammy D?

PS. Early reviews are positive for In The Valley of Elah, written and directed by Paul Haggis who will likely score yet another Oscar nomination for his efforts which would make it the third year in a row. Elah received a 10 minute standing ovation following its screening and is quickly building momentum rolling into TIFF as a Best Picture frontrunner early in the season. Can"t wait to see Charlize in person. Elah shows next Monday in Toronto. Will let you know.