Charlize Theron was at a party for the launch of Vallure Vodka last night in Beverly Hills. What I care about is the hair. I care a lot about the hair. The hair is growing out. It looks so f-cking good. Too bad we only have one angle. I’d like to see it from all sides.

Did she have an awkward stage at all?

She didn’t.

She went from a shaved head to this without a weird in-between, that’s how perfect Charlize is. Except I don’t understand how she was on Sesame Street with a ponytail. It was just posted on September 16. Did she shoot it over a year ago and only just release it now? Why the delay? Did they shoot it recently but decide that she’d be better suited to the audience with long hair? What would it matter? Maybe she came from the set of a movie where her character has long hair? Do I care too much about the hair?