Amid the string of separations, rest assured Charlize and Stuart are currently in no danger of splitting. She’s been in Canada, shooting a movie in Regina, has traveled to Vancouver on a couple of occasions to shoot scenes for The Battle in Seattle which Stuart is directing. Last Friday she arrived at the airport, I’m told he picked her up, they kissed and cuddled while waiting for baggage before heading back downtown for the weekend. She filmed all day Saturday – a riot scene during which she suffers a miscarriage, in character of course – before heading back to production on Ferris Wheel in the Prairies. No reports of bitchiness or erratic driving or illegal u-turns unlike other Oscar winners but she does hate having her picture taken and pops up her middle finger every chance she gets. She’s a serious actor now, remember? Funny how an Academy Award suddenly eradicates gratuitous toplessness in 2 Days in the Valley… Source