About a month ago, it was reported that Charlotte Casiraghi and boyfriend Gad Elmaleh, with whom she has a son, were over. French gossips had been hinting at it but it was PEOPLE that went big with the story claiming that Charlotte had moved out of their apartment in Paris. The next day though, Charlotte and Gad showed up in St Tropez, together, seemingly happy. You know the exact words I used in that post? It was June 5th:

But look – new photos of Charlotte and Gad in St Tropez yesterday, smiling, seemingly happy, probably aware of the rumours about them, and looking a lot more convincing than Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner.

It’s been a month. The Afflecks are done. And Charlotte? Well, here she is in Paris today at the Eiffel Tower jumping event. Last week though, she and Gad were very much together, seated with the royal family at the gala in Monaco, for the 10th International Monte Carlo jumping competition. Gad seemed to get on well with Prince Albert. And earlier that day, Charlotte was seen leaning over Gad’s shoulder, and he held on to her hair and kissed the side of her face. For now then, they’re OK. But it still surprises me that PEOPLE went full blast with the story in the first place.