While her uncle keeps his Prison Bride locked away in the castle, not bringing all that much glory to the family name, Charlotte Casiraghi is finally giving the Monegasques something to not be embarrassed about.

Charlotte is Gucci’s equestrian ambassador. Here’s her first ad. And it is PERFECT.

The goal, after all, is aspiration: presenting Charlotte, of royal blood, with a face that lives up to her grandmother’s aesthetic legacy, the embodiment of modern grace and privileged cool. It’s disgustingly elitist. It’s also irresistible.

Charlotte is a competitive show jumper. Her garments are designed exclusively by Frida Giannini, Gucci’s creative director. Her clothes have never been made available for sale. That’s how you steward a brand...

Peter Lindbergh is responsible for this image. He also shot Uma Thurman - click here to see - for Vogue Italia. As I noted at the time, this is why Mario Testino is BORING.

Charlotte will be shot by three more high profile photographers for upcoming ads. Am looking forward to the comparison.

As for Charlotte’s love life - she’s supposedly dating French comedian Gad Elmaleh. Click here to see recent photos. He’s 15 years her senior.


But I would be really, really happy if she hooked up with Hot Harry. I mean, a double royal situation is almost...too much to hope for. I think maybe that’s why we don’t bother. Let’s imagine for a minute though if the House of Windsor and the House of Grimaldi actually came together. How does that feel? Even the fantasy feels good right? Even the fantasy gives you immeasurable joy. Oh Gossip Genie...

Attached - Charlotte competing a few days ago in Nice.