And will be all weekend. And for weeks to come.

It’s Charlotte Gainsbourgh’s video for Terrible Angels. The EP will be released on September 6.

You know when you love someone so much you might say - I want to be her...?

I don’t want to be her.

I would be unworthy of being her.

She is the coolest motherf-cking sh-t EVER. Look at her. It’s 3 minutes of amazingness withOUT being up her own ass.

The last time I saw Charlotte it was in Cannes, on the red carpet for Melancholia. Really pregnant and chic as all ever for all time. Anyway, I’m talking too much. There’s really no reason when you can just watch this on repeat for the rest of the day and go home and learn the dance moves and then realise, as you’re practising them in front of the mirror, what a stupid idea it was as if you could ever emulate Charlotte Gainsbourg. So now you know what I’m doing tonight.

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