Yesterday in Vancouver – Chaske Spencer spotted in good spirits and your first look at Graham Greene, in town to shoot his sequences for New Moon. Both worked yesterday.

Where: in the forest.

What: Robert Pattinson/Edward takes off, leaves Bella/Kristen Stewart, and then people are looking for her and then Chaske carries her to safety.

Frequently asked question:

Lainey, we’ve come all the way to Vancouver from (insert any country/any town/any state here) and really want to see the stars on the set. Can you let us know where to find them? Where are they staying?

Answer: can’t tell you about the hotels. That’s something not even I am comfortable with. As for the sets, many industrious fans have already found a few locations. Not necessarily opposed to it but then again, what about work/school?

Photo of wolves released by Summit to USA Today

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