No shortage of classless behaviour in Hollywood and above the maybe gaybe speculation and the drug drama, it’s these stories that are the most shocking:

How can the privileged behave so poorly?

Especially someone who sounds so elegant? Whose record has been spotless and golden?

Then again, it’s always the ones you least expect.

In her case however it’s become an M.O., a trail of cheapness wherever she goes.

So you know when you stay at a hotel, if the soap and bath products happen to be on the higher end, it’s customary to ask for a few refills and take some home? This of course is standard behaviour for US…because we’re broke!

But how about a busy, working actress, married to a busy working man, both with several projects on the go – does it then become less acceptable? Almost shameful? I think so yes.

And still she does it wherever she goes – on junkets, on promotional tours, whenever she’s at a hotel, she orders up extras: extra shampoo, extra lotion, even extra bathrobes, taking EVERYTHING home… yes, even the bathrobes. The bathrobes that are washed then used again by every guest staying in that suite, she insists on bringing it all with her. Including the gifts too.

She is also not shy with special requests. Lighting fixtures, humidifiers, strollers – kinda major items you’d think would be on loan, right?


She packs those up with her too. The woman leaves NOTHING behind.

The question is: what does she do with it all?

Would you believe she gives it to her staff? She saves the little soaps and gels and crafts them into small baskets and presents them to the nannies and the housekeepers as bonuses!

Can you imagine? Can you imagine a Christmas gift basket full of hotel shampoos and conditioners?

I mean How.F&cking.Tacky.