Although his “art” and therefore his career is entirely predicated upon the fact that he loves love and believes in love, especially love at home, and has made millions off women swooning over every word and note, it seems for him at least love does not go hand in hand with fidelity.

Appears he’s been nailing a new piece in every city – from the Midwest to the Northwest to New York, he is cheating. And he is cheating on a celebrated starlet girlfriend with a career that could eclipse – if it hasn’t already – his own.

Because while he might make more money, she gets more mileage – on magazines, on red carpets, on award show stages. And why not? She’s beautiful and talented – a scene stealer in every way.

Still…he strays. He strays everywhere. And his modus operandi is always the same.

He will meet a girl. They will go somewhere fun – playing pool, bowling, even karaoke. Afterwards he’ll invite her back to his hotel. They get it on but first he makes sure she showers. He insists on it. He almost orders it. Apparently he wants to make sure she’s clean before they get dirty. And then they get dirty.

The camera will come out. He promises privacy. And so far it has indeed been private. But this is what turns him on. If there’s time they’ll watch it back together and go for round 2. Not known what he does with the evidence afterwards though it’s very possible he is now building his own porny tourist video library with entries from at least 3 American cities… that I know of.