Remember him? The unfaithful cheese dick who still hasn’t curbed his philandering in spite of scandal and who strayed a bit too far on the underage side recently? As of press time, the photo evidence has yet to come back to haunt him but you’ll be happy to know he’s since moved on, and he’s managed to stay away of late from cheating with 17 year olds.

Still… his particular proclivities remain: the insistence on a shower, the camera action, the drugs, the alcohol, and the acknowledgement that yes, he does have a girlfriend. Hence the resulting question from all of us – what is she doing? What is she thinking? Why is she sticking around???

Well, he says she knows. He says she knows and she doesn’t care. Because she’s doing the same thing. Apparently it’s allowed and it’s arranged. He cheats, she cheats, everyone’s happy, and somehow between them it works.

That’s his story, anyway. And I actually kinda believe him. Crew on the set of her latest are buzzing that she’s had at least 2 different euro cast members into her trailer for a little noon time nooky but tells everyone else that she “really, really loves” her boyfriend.

Monogamy is dead.