I posted earlier about how Jimmy Kimmel set up camp inside Billy Bob Thornton’s ass last night, not bothering to call that skeeze out on his bullsh-t.

Would Chelsea Handler do the same?

I’d like to believe my Chelsea would NEVER do the same.

At the very least, Chelsea does not play pretend face with Ebola Hilton.

This interview makes my life.

It’s Chelsea on her show with Jenny McCarthy and they’re telling the audience about the Bravo A List awards the other night. They don’t think very highly of the Bravo A List Award. Right off the get, you know these two bitches mean business.

So Ebola is there, and Ebola walks up to Jenny and, well, watch for yourself. It’s right off the top.

Finally, right?

Ebola is a disease. She’s stupid. She’s a virus. She is a piece of sh-t. Tina Fey knows it, Chelsea Handler knows it, Chelsea Handler isn’t afraid to say it. And she won’t apologise for it either.

This doesn’t happen often enough. Not even the Mighty Opes, with all her “honest” talk, would call that virus out for what it is.

Chelsea Handler > Oprah Winfrey

I love her so much.

PS. Have you read Chelsea’s My Horizontal Life? I did recently and the part about her night with the midget (not Tom Cruise) will kill you.

Photos from FayesVision/Wenn.com