Two weeks ago I posted this article about Chelsy Davy hanging out with date rape-y looking rich boys in Zimbabwe with pap photos taken from curiously close distance, positing that she’d either been sold out by her mates or that she certainly didn’t mind seeing these pictures published for the effect it might have on Hot Harry on a Horse.

After all… there’s a wedding coming up. We’re only 10 weeks away. OMG TEN WEEKS!!! And, well, you’d think Chelsy’d want an invitation, non?

Chelsy returned to London last week after an extended break in Africa before beginning work like an almost real but really privileged person. The word “career” totally doesn’t mean the same thing for these people. Take for instance the example of Guy Pelly, the Princes’ best friend and stag planner. Did you read the New York Times piece on Pelly this weekend? Click here to see. He went from bar manager to club owner after studying horses and partying with the jet set, but if his new venture fails, it doesn’t sound like it’ll hurt him much…because it’s not like, for them, a Job is a necessity. A Job for them is more like a hobby.

Chelsy’s job/hobby is at a law firm or some such. The real priority here though is to be Harry’s date on April 29th. And, well, so far, it looks like the plan is working. The Sun is reporting that the two were together last night, spotted getting into the trunk of a Jaguar at 4am after leaving a private club. The trunk? I guess…to avoid photos? There was some luggage in the backseat that was actually transferred there from the trunk. Old moneyed people are so strange.

But whatever. The point is Chelsy’s a step closer. Oh the games girls play. Well done.

Attached – Chelsy running errands on Friday.

PS. Did you see the new official portrait of William and Harry that was released last week? Hot Harry needs to make a return to that jawline.

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