Mixed feelings today. On the one hand – Hot Harry on a Horse is back on his horse. Single again after 3 and a half years. On the other, will miss Chelsy as she slips back into obscurity, a girl whose resume will always be marked by an asterisk:

*dated Prince Harry

Biggest story in Britain – the two have split after a tumultuous couple of months that began ominously when Harry left Chelsy waiting at the airport upon arriving in England after relocating to be near him. Word is she was frustrated at the constant debauchery that has characterised his lifestyle since being barred from fighting in Iraq and grew impatient with his pleas that he would get his sh-t together.

Ultimately, it was Chelsy who ended the relationship. Apparently she needs to go find herself, not willing to be identified only as Hot Harry’s girlfriend/fiancée/wife and unhappy about her recent displacement, unaccustomed to living the common life in Leeds, far from family and friends back in Africa.

Check her out yesterday looking miserable but busty and him too, still bloated but dashing as ever with his devilish smile. Yum.

So is this time for real – is it a permanent break? Palace sources say it’s too soon to tell, that it would not be surprising if the two reconciled down the road. Veteran royal watchers are also rather impressed by her spunk. The fact that she left him bodes well for her in the long term – a smart tactic that will keep him chasing.

The UK rags meanwhile are already setting up Hot Harry’s next ride. But wouldn’t you love to see Hot Harry with a firecrotch called Lilo?

Double red, double trouble. And she has large boobs too, just the way he likes ‘em.