Let’s make a story out this one, shall we? Since we all have Wedding Withdrawal anyway.

Chelsy Davy went shopping today. Also King’s Road. Like Kate Middleton just days before she married Prince William and was savvy enough to make sure we knew about it. These girls, they’re rich, they can afford to go to Selfridges and drop a lot more. And yet they hit up Office, like the rest of us who spend hours on the bottom level of Topshop at Oxford Circus, for a good shoe deal. The Royals! They’re just like Us!

Interestingly enough though, the shoes that Chelsy picked up are very, very similar to the ones that Kate was seen wearing the night before the Wedding and the morning after the Wedding as she and Will boarded a helicopter – click here for a refresher on those wedges. Many of you want them too. Sasha will have it in her style article tomorrow.


Is Chelsy single-white-princessing Kate? Or am I just stirring up some sh-t?

Also, she looks less bloaty today. Maybe they told her to give a rest with all the beers and shooters.

Photos from Splashnewsonline.com