These photos were released earlier this week and I kept forgetting to post them. It’s Chelsy Davy in Zimbabwe on New Year’s Eve, surrounded by beer carby looking frat guys, clearly enjoying herself on a bender. Ugh. Each and every one of those boys looks like they’d be down with date rape. It’s the rich, privileged ones that are often most dangerous.

So either she has friends who sell her out with pictures, or the paps were allowed to snap freely, and if that’s the case, what’s this all about?

Photo Assumption says she wants to go to the wedding. That she’s trying to make Hot Harry jealous on his horse. And that when he sees these photos, he’ll ring her up and they’ll put it back together and she can start thinking about what to wear on April 29th. That photo assumption is based on the general assumption that anyone would want to go to the wedding, and would do whatever necessary to make that happen. Like me. If I’m Chelsy, I’m scheming night and day to be Harry’s date that night.

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