Cher is coming out of retirement and she’s hitting the talk show circuit to promote her new tour. Seriously… is she hard up for cash? Why do you these people promise to hang it up only to take it down five minutes later???

Anyway, this morning on Good Morning America, Cher revealed that she once dated the GMD. She confirmed that they were together before he found Xenu and described him as:

"just the most adorable man you can imagine".

Well of course he was adorable. A blossoming gay boy in the presence of a gay icon??? It must have totally made his life!

Interestingly enough, Cher also mentioned that her deceased ex husband Sonny Bono was a Scientologist too. Clearly she has some kind of Xenu pact…maybe that’s why she’s going to back to work. Maybe Xenu wants another 30%.

Xenu is everywhere, see?

File photo attached of Tom flinging his crazy teeth all over Cher"s wig. Ew.