It took Victoria Beckham 3 times and several years…

You all in the UK keep telling me: Cheryl Cole is it right now, and Girls Aloud won big last night, and even though in North American they haven’t quite connected, many people believe that Cheryl has the potential to cross over. She’s been to LA on a couple of exploratory trips the last few months… things look promising, and some predict there’s a possibility she might succeed with less time and less desperation than the Posh.

Accessibility is one of the key factors, one of the words that keeps getting tossed around. Cheryl is gorgeous, but Cheryl isn’t aloof. Cheryl’s look isn’t harsh and hard. Cheryl, though she may be a raging bitch underneath, and am told she totally is, looks sweet and cherubic when she smiles. Victoria Beckham never smiles.

But interestingly enough, rumour has it American consultants aren’t too thrilled about the married factor. You know these showbiz types – can’t she ditch the husband?

It’s about what you’re willing to give up. Privacy, food, honesty, integrity…a husband? The price of fame.

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