As posted yesterday, much to the delight of British gossip mongers, Posh’s one time protégé Cheryl Cole is featured in the new issue of UK Vogue. Cheryl, bless her, is a mouthy bitch and she does not hesitate to throw down in an interview with the competition including Victoria Beckham.

They were close two years ago at the World Cup. So Cheryl says she was choked last year, when her husband Ashley Cole cheated on her, to not have heard from Victoria. She thought if anyone Victoria would support her, would encourage her, would be able to relate to her. Instead, Cheryl was met with silence. Victoria didn’t bother.

'She [Victoria] was in my hotel room during the World Cup - we've had barbecues together - so I was quite shocked by that. I mean, David's mum is friends with Ashley's mum.'

No it’s true. Posh is definitely not a girl’s girl. Posh wouldn’t have your back like that. But this isn’t why Posh didn’t call. You really have to KNOW Posh to know why she didn’t call. Cheryl clearly doesn’t know Posh.

Because if Posh had called, it would have been an acknowledgement: an acknowledgement that she could indeed understand what Cheryl was enduring. That acknowledgement would have been like an admission – an admission of something she has long denied: that David was unfaithful.

She refuses, remember?

She buries that truth along with her appetite. So if she had called Cheryl, she would have been calling fraud on her own fake life, her entire existence, her very identity. It’s impossible. She’s incapable.

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