Two very different types of stars, two very different body types. Today we’re kicking off the weekend by taking off the shirts of Michael Phelps and Taylor Lautner. Ok yes, some of the Taylor pics below are of a wax figure, but we’ve included the real thing for your pleasure and to illustrate the point that when it comes to body hair, variety is the spice of life.

The pics of Phelps were taken at the Fontainebleau in Miami where he’s shooting a commercial. While you may not generally think there are many options, style-wise, for someone wearing a speedo, this is a whole new look for him, no? Add a little chest fuzz, adorably fruity briefs and his almost naked bod has a much more relatable feel to it than his Olympic look, which could have been called something like Fat Deficient Human Scuba Fin or maybe IRL Aquaman. He’s recently announced that his Olympic days are over though, so Fuzzy Phelps can ditch the razor for good.

Over in Berlin, Taylor Lautner’s wax proxy has been unveiled to show us that hairlessness, too, can be next to godliness. Taylor’s just barely old enough for me to feel comfortable talking about his sexuality, he’s only 21, so it’s possible his smooth bod is less of a choice and more of a biological reality, but damn if he doesn’t look just as good Ol’ Man Phelps. 

This is my question for you: do you have a preference and, if you’re a straight woman, do you feel pressure to pick a side when it comes to the hairy versus smooth debate? I was reared in the manscaping wax-loving days of the 90s when hair was definitely out. Over the past few years though in gay culture though, hair has definitely become the more fashionable look. Looking at these two, it seems unfair that I should have to choose.