Ok, not really. But check him out from the side in the first photo attached. Doesn’t that look like Will Wales? It’s obviously not Will Wales. This is Chet Haze. Or, rather, Chester Haze. Or, rather, Chester Hanks. The son of Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson. Now, apparently, a smooth operating rapper?


There is no need for further discussion on Chet’s career. I am thinking all the things you are thinking. Let’s not waste our time agreeing, except to note this:

Remember when his mother released an album of covers a couple of months ago? One of the tracks was Come See About Me.


So one day, Rita Wilson woke up and said to herself, “I’m just going to head over to the studio and sing a classic Supremes song and ask people to buy it”. No joke, no awareness. She actually thought that might be a good idea.

Well, when you look at it that way, Chet Haze makes a LOT of sense, non?