Last December I wrote about Zhang Yimou’s Thirteen Women of Nanjing - click here for a refresher - starring Christian Bale in the first domestically-funded Chinese film with a Hollywood actor in the lead role. The film has been renamed The Flowers of War and China is hoping it will contend for a Best Foreign-Film Oscar. It will premiere in Beijing in December but has yet to secure US distribution.

Deadline posted the trailer today. I’ve seen my share of Zhang Yimou pictures. He has a particular aesthetic. This seems less him and more Spielberg though, like it was a deliberate attempt at a nomination which ...shouldn’t be a surprise. China’s intention is to go global with its film industry, an extension of many other policies...maybe at the expense of its cultural value system? That’s the conversation in China right now. I’m sure you’ve heard about Yue Yue? I couldn’t watch. And I can’t even bring myself to find the link. And I don’t know how this article has become about whether or not there’s an “unspoken illness at China’s core” (interesting read) but for all the people freaking out on the news all the time about the Chinese taking over, scary, scary, scary, any student of Chinese dynastic history should be aware that somehow my people always find a way to crumble from within. Talking about it like it’s a modern phenomenon is kind of a joke.

Whatever. They’re trying to win an Oscar with Christian Bale!
(What a strange expression they’ve chosen for him in the poster, non?)